GAP-M Project in the News:

(new!) Western University – 51 Firsts Research Western

Flanders Today – Ghent researchers uncover dirty insect-plant wars
Western News – Yves Van de Peer visits Western
Media Release – Western researchers find broccoli and cabbage by-product are safe pest control for spider mites

CBC Radio-Canada – Can RNA-i based products revolutionize agriculture?
Western News – Novel nanomaterial spins off from spider-mite genome sequencing
Western News – Spider mite genome sequence establishes tools to tackle pest resistance
London Free Press – Taking a bite out of the mite

Media related to published spider mite genome sequence:
University of Western Ontario News
CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks
CTV News London
London Free Press

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of a spider mite (Thomas Van Leeuwen and Wim Grunewald)

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